About Us

About Us: Pioneering Integrative Dermatology

Michael Tirant Dermaceuticals (MTD) is a multi-faceted company specialising in Education, Research, Clinical Practice, Product Development and Manufacturing in the field of Integrative Dermatology.  MTD was founded by Research Scientist, CAM specialist and Professor of Dermatology, Michael Tirant

Prof. Tirant is a world recognised leader in the field of Integrative Dermatology having published over 100 international papers and authored/co-authored several chapters and books on dermatological conditions.  What started over 30 years ago as a desire to help a dear friend suffering with psoriasis, has since led to a successful Integrative Dermatology Clinic, an internationally recognised treatment range (Dr Michaels, Seloderma, Soratinex) and a unique protocol and training program. 

MTD’s mission is to improve education, recognition and acceptance of an Integrative approach to  Dermatological conditions in Australia in addition to offering safe, effective, long-term solutions to chronic skin conditions.