Dr. Michael Tirant is an internationally recognised leader in Complementary Dermatology with over 30 years of medical research and clinical practice. Dr. Tirant’s interest in skin conditions began after a close personal friend’s ongoing battle with psoriasis made him realise how little was actually known about the condition, including what caused the condition to have a flare up. He began to research psoriasis, concentrating on identifying not only the initial triggering factors but also ongoing triggers that continue to exacerbate the condition.


After treating skin conditions for many years, practising under his own name, Dr. Tirant opened the first registered Psoriasis & Skin Clinic in 1998 in Frankston, Melbourne. Expansion came in 2000 when the first Sydney Clinic was opened and within a year a second Sydney Clinic opened. In 2003, the Adelaide clinic was established and shortly after that, one in Brisbane.


In 2008, we began operating as a franchise system and in 2012 the group underwent a branding change from ‘Psoriasis & Skin Clinic’ to ‘Good Skin Care’, to better reflect the wide range of conditions treated. At one stage, there were 20 dedicated Good Skin Care clinics across Australia and New Zealand, however, in order to allow more patients to gain access to the treatment protocols we now operate a distribution system with independent skin clinics using the Dr Michaels / Seloderma products.

The Psoriasis Eczema Clinics are the only Clinics now directly under Michael Tirant Dermaceuticals’ control.