Our Brands



Dr Michaels is our most established Brand and is well recognized throughout Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Europe. This Brand encompasses the entire clinic based topical product range and a selection of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) registered oral products.

PSC 200 Plus

Seloderma has been used as the brand for a number of our newest Oral products that have been registered with the TGA. 


Psoriasis Eczema Clinic (Previously Branded as Good Skin Care by Psoriasis & Skin Clinic) is Prof. Tirant’s own dedicated Clinic Brand name. Currently, we operate two clinics in Melbourne, Australia.


Soratinex is our consumer range of products designed for the care and management of psoriasis prone skin. Soratinex has received Medical Device Status in the EU, one of the most comprehensive and rigorous registration processes currently in force, other than that for a medicine. This range includes both topical and oral products, designed to improve skin health from the inside and out.