Patient Testimonials

The following are a small selection of the letters, e-mails and other testimonials we have received over several years of successful psoriasis management, achieved by patients using Dr Tirant’s treatment protocols and products. In no way have these comments been solicited, asked for or paid for. Reference made by the patient to “cure” are the patient’s own subjective comments and in no way are to infer that psoriasis or any other skin condition can be cured.


“May I thank you for managing my psoriasis and sending it into remission, I have no doubt that if I continue with your diet guidelines and other advice I will remain completely free of it. It is most reassuring to have the cause understood and the situation controlled after ten years of its persistence. My best wishes for your work and the relief it will bring many who are yet to know of you and your way of understanding the person of the patient and therefore bringing concentration on to a primary cause of the problem”

Tinea Pedis B & A

N.W. Victoria, Australia

“Just a short note to congratulate you on researching and finding what I believe and have proven to be an extremely effective treatment for psoriasis. I have suffered from this chronic, embarrassing and uncomfortable disease for 15 years. I have tried Ultra-Violet treatments, Diprosone, Loriox and creams and other alternative medicines – All with short term ineffective results. I might also add, at an extreme cost. Your cream was a major breakthrough for me. You may recall our initial meeting and my scepticism and apprehension towards your treatment. Well I applied the gel and cream as directed and the rest they say “is history”.My psoriasis is completely cleared and my skin has never looked better. Thanks once again for your breakthrough in the effective treatment of this disease”.

Pityriasis alba

R.C. Victoria, Australia

“My Daughter has had psoriasis for the last few years. Earlier this year her symptoms started to get steadily worse and the psoriasis rash did not always respond to the topical steroid treatment prescribed to her. We migrated to Australia in August this year, by which time most of her body and scale was covered in psoriasis. We tried more steroid treatments from the Doctor and some over the counter remedies, creams and soaps from various pharmacies. None of them worked and her skin was getting steadily worse and she was becoming more distressed with the itchiness and her appearance.I found out about the Psoriasis & Skin Clinic on the internet and they were also recommended by someone we met whose Son had been successfully treated there. At our initial appointment we discussed “triggers” and diet. My daughter is a very fussy eater and wasn’t too impressed at having to eat more greens but was willing to give it a try. She avoided certain foods and ate as many greens and drank as much water as she could (she even grew to like them!). She had to give up a few of her favourite foods but understood it wasn’t forever, and by this point I think she was willing to try anything to get her psoriasis under control. She started a daily routine of showering, using the gel, taking tablets and applying the ointment. After 2 weeks she said that her itching was 80% better and the rash looked less “angry”. She was sleeping much better so I knew she was much more comfortable at night. There was also noticeably much less dandruff. After 6 weeks there were only small patches left on her knees and elbows, and they were clearing up nicely. We are now scaling down the treatment and reintroducing certain foods – none of which is having an adverse effect on her skin.We are really pleased with the Psoriasis & Skin Clinic and feel that they have really helped us to get our Daughters psoriasis under control and given us a much better understanding of the condition. I am confident that we could deal with any future outbreaks and that her skin will never get as bad again.I also confirm that I am happy for you to use the photos of our daughter for training and promotional purposes”

P.D. Victoria, Australia

“For over 50 years I have suffered from severe psoriasis, and over this time many dermatologists have prescribed for me their various ointments and treatments including starch poultices, PUVA and Methotrexate courses. None of these treatments really helped to eliminate the ugly scales. When I first consulted you on 10th May 1995, my whole body and scalp was covered with this wretched skin disorder. After using your cream and gel for a fortnight, I was delighted to see a great improvement of my skin. Now, after (11) eleven weeks of applying the gel and cream I am completely clear of any trace of psoriasis. To be able to run a comb through my hair without dislodging ugly scales and to be able to wear black clothing without carrying a clothes brush is sheer heaven.I thank you most sincerely for your treatment and encouragement in clearing this wretched and embarrassing skin complaint. I would be very happy to verify this letter if required”

Chest Approx 8 Weeks

J. McW. Victoria, Australia

“I have suffered from Psoriasis for about fifteen years and I was beginning to despair of finding a cure but since I began using your treatment for psoriasis approximately four weeks ago and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin within two weeks. My skin is still improving steadily and arms, legs, knees and elbows also my upper body back and front are free from psoriasis. I still have an area on my lower back which is taking longer to clear than the rest of my body but is slowly responding to treatment, this was formerly the worst area. The clearing up of my psoriasis has changed my life as I am now able to wear short sleeved shirts and shorts on hot days without having to hide myself away from everybody. Thank you Dr Tirant for all the good work you have done and are doing for the unfortunates who are blessed with psoriasis.”


P. Victoria , Australia

“I am a 22 year old female of whom has had psoriasis since the age of 11. In the beginning it was mainly situated on my arms, legs and scalp. However, over the years in trying numerous treatments in various different medicines, it has spread to cover almost 90% of my body. Therefore, I have been hospitalized on two occasions, at the age of 17 and 18, where they treated me with UVA (PUVA) and UVB rays, as well as antibiotics and creams. Although the psoriasis seemed to have gotten better, after a couple of weeks of being on that treatment the psoriasis would return and seemed more aggravated than before.Then, in January 1996, after being bedridden for eight months, my father came across Dr Tirant’s advertisement for his successful treatment for psoriasis. In the beginning I was hesitant because I was so fed up with doctors and tired of my hopes of getting better being destroyed. However, my mother persuaded me to go and after about a week I saw a change. When I went to him I was about 90-95% covered and it took about two months for my body to clear where I had maybe 10% on my body, which made me ecstatic.My treatment consisted of taking your natural vitamin supplement, cleansing my body with Dr Tirant’s cleansers twice a day and applying his cream immediately after. My diet was altered to where I was advised to drink two to three litres of water a day and to stop eating acidic foods. This was the first time I was told not to eat acidic foods which could have been why I could never stay healthy for more than a few months. Also, for the first time in eleven years I was being counselled so to change my negative to positive ones. In the past I had often been told not to stress but never given guidelines on how to achieve this. Therefore, he also taught me a method of meditation. Although it seem to be easiest thing to do, it was the hardest because I had to teach myself to forget about the past and be happy.Now I know how to take care of myself and I know I will never get back to the way I was before. I perhaps am more strict with myself in avoiding specific foods that I feel don’t agree with me. But I am very happy with my life and by changing my lifestyle the way I have, it has allowed me to go back to university and live the life I have always wanted to live.”


G.H. Victoria Australia

“I am writing this letter to say how successful your treatment has been for my Psoriasis. I have had severe Psoriasis of the scalp for two years. After numerous visits to the GP and countless scripts of cortisone lotions, creams and shampoos, my psoriasis always re-occurred when I stopped using the cortisone. I was continually scratching my scalp until it bled. I could not brush my hair without having dry flaky skin covering my clothes. It was most embarrassing as I wear a navy blue uniform to work, so I was forever brushing “flakes” off my cardigan. The psoriasis started to emerge around my hairline near the forehead and I used to put cover stick over it to go out as I was embarrassed. I was continually aware of the condition of my scalp but could not find a “cure”. I was depressed because I felt I had to live with this condition forever. I had large scales and sores on my scalp which would sting when I used the cortisone. I went to another GP who was shocked at the state of my scalp. She referred me to a skin specialist and I had to wait for 4 weeks for an appointment, and yes, I knew what I was going to be prescribed.My sister saw your advertisement in the paper and suggested that I give it a try whilst waiting for my specialist appointment. I had nothing to lose. I was hopeful of success but guarded. Within 5 days of treatment I could not believe the improvement. I had stopped scratching and in 10 days my psoriasis had cleared up. I cancelled the specialist appointment. I went back to Dr. Tirant 3 weeks later, a much happier and confident person. I have not had to brush the tops of my shoulders since starting the treatment.I am now writing this letter 10 weeks after my first consultation and I have not used the cream for six weeks. I use the Cleansing Gel twice weekly as a shampoo. I have had no re-occurrence of psoriasis at all. I now drink on to one to one and a half litres of water a day, eat lots of green vegetables, have cut back on tea and coffee and try to keep stress to a minimum. I cannot believe that after two years of embarrassment, frustration and suffering from psoriasis, by using Dr. Tirant’s treatment it was under control so quickly. Dr. Tirant, I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful treatment and your support during my visits. I would recommend your treatment to anyone with psoriasis.This is the first time in two years that I feel happy within myself. ”


B & F. B. Australia

“In September I brought my son M.B. aged 2, for a consultation. He had been having his skin problems for then, 13 months. We had tried so many different creams, lotions, diets and drugs but with no solution. My reasoning in coming to you was because he then had a 6 week wait to see his Dermatologist, Mr. H. and he was so irritable. We had had him under a Naturopath for 7 weeks, drinking all kinds of terrible thins and taking herbal tablets, but he was not better – if anything he was worse. I then wondered whether M. had been misdiagnosed, maybe it was psoriasis not eczema. In one visit you diagnosed him with eczema, told me not to give him nuts, mushrooms, tomatoes, red meat and Vit. C tablets which was the complete opposite to what the Naturopath had said. You may remember I was a little annoyed at the contrasting diets and hesitant to buy your Scalp and Body Ointment. You told me to use it for two weeks, no charge, and come back and see you, in which time I would only be too happy to pay for it.We did come back in two weeks, almost completely cleared. M. is so much happier in himself. He is no longer itchy, he can wear shoes again after being in thongs for 4 months and doesn’t have to drink anything awful. M now knows that every night with his dinner, he has to eat a little spinach, bok choy or broccoli to “keep the spots away.

As parents, we cannot thank you enough for solving our problem and making M. happy again – not irritable”


J.R. South Australia

“How can I ever thank you enough as after suffering with psoriasis for over 30 years and going to endless doctors and specialists and getting no relief. After six weeks of following your eating guide lines as well as using your cream twice a day it has all but disappeared. If I didn’t see it I would never have believed it. To think I have lived with it for so many years and it caused my family not to mention myself so much suffering in not being able to do just what we wanted when we wanted, I an amazed at the results, even if I wasn’t too thrilled about the spinach in the beginning!!!Thanking you once again.”


M.V. Victoria , Australia

“I have suffered from psoriasis for 42 years and during this time I have tried all possible remedies with no success. I had heard Dr. Tirant speak at the Psoriasis Self Help Group and whilst I was sceptical I still decided to try his treatment.

To my amazement within a couple of weeks my skin cleared up and has remainso to this day. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend the cream to any other sufferer of psoriasis. My skin has continued to remain free of blemishes three years on from my initial consultation with Dr. Tirant.”


M.R. NSW, Australia, 2009

My Skin Story—Eczema


As far back as my memories of primary school I recall noticing with embarrassment the backs of my hands as they rested on my desk – all raw and weeping from scratching. I remember my arms and knee joints had itchy eczema patches coming and going constantly. Whilst still in primary school mum took me to a dermatologist who prescribed cortisone cream (called ‘Betnovate’) and sure enough this worked like magic to relieve most of the symptoms of eczema. So began a long relationship with cortisone ointments that continued well into my adulthood.

At high school I remember always having a tube of ‘Betnovate’ on hand and it must have been very effective as I could wear bathing suits and shorts and sunbaked – tanning like other teenage girls. Mum tried at various intervals to take me to the dermatologist in case there’d been any breakthroughs in the treatment of eczema only to be told that cortisone cream was the only effective way of controlling it.

When a young adult at university I first heard about alternative medicines and the warnings about over use of cortisone and its potential side effects. I visited a naturopath and followed his advice about various diets that excluded certain food groups. This had no effect whatsoever on my eczema and the frequency of its outbreaks.

As I began working life in my 20’s I tried every manner of natural cream or internal supplement that was ever suggested to ease it. I visited dermatologists through the years on an eternal quest for a cure or – at least – a natural treatment. Occasionally a dermatologist with a holistic outlook would make a very plausible analysis of the reasons for my condition and at one stage I underwent extensive allergy testing “scratch tests”. However these just showed me as allergic to almost everything, which made my eczema feel even more entrenched as being the result of severe over-sensitivity to my environment. Similarly, suggestions linking it to stress gave me no relief as I never felt particularly stressed in the way I understood the term.

As I reached my late 20’s itching and scratching were just an accepted part of life for me – my husband recalls that on our first date I was putting cortisone cream on my legs before we went out. Into my 30’s he recalls I was “always scratching somewhere”. He tried to help by reminding me not to scratch when I was doing so unconsciously. By now my skin was noticeably dry – my lips seemed to be constantly flaking and peeling. My flight attendant job in a dehydrating atmosphere certainly added to this condition. My hands were prematurely wrinkled – the fingers always chequered with eczema patches, as were my wrists. The strain of performing at work under almost constant discomfort was something I just accepted as my lot.

At age 29 I first experienced a serious blow out in my condition after sunburn on my face whilst ski-ing. For this I was diagnosed a course of prednisolone – oral cortisone tablets. These effectively relieved my inflamed swollen face and infected eyes. From this time on any slight sunburn would trigger eczema.

Through my 30’s I avoided sun exposure by covering up or using high spectrum sunscreen when my skin had to be exposed. Although I didn’t focus on it my eczema was occurring more often and with more severity. I was on a permanent ‘bulk prescription’ for ‘Elocon’ cream, which I was now also using regularly on my face even though I was seriously recommended against doing so. The alternate would have been frequent periods of sick leave and disablement that was just not practicable. At age 39 after a particularly intense bout of scratching my arm immediately came out in a deep red welt that scared me. This was explained to me by the doctor as a ‘thinning of the skin – even the skin of my veins and arteries’. The medical practitioners couldn’t say if the eczema or the cortisone cream was responsible for this bleeding under the skin. By now my skin looked ‘thin’ – it was dry and papery. My work stockings would always come off with a sprinkle of skin flakes (as would my skin upon rubbing if I didn’t use layers of moisturiser).

In my 40’s I reduced my flying to part-time but took up intensive home renovations in the spare time I now had which exposed me to chemicals and toxic dust. I then found I needed to sleep in a coating of cortisone cream after every flying duty to recover from extensive eczema on my torso, arms and legs. By age 46 I found the extent of the eczema (especially when also on my face) was often too extreme for cortisone cream to work promptly. I started using Prednisolone tablets in the most minimum way I could to control it.

At the age of 46- after horse riding with my sister- her shocked reaction to the purple bruising along my calves (from the mere pressure of the stirrups) convinced me that my condition was unacceptable. Even though I didn’t have any idea of a way of curing it I became determined to research and try to find a way to improve it and stop it deteriorating even further as it clearly would have.

That same year after extensive Internet searching I found one inspirational website from a woman who had cured her eczema by abstaining from the use of cortisone altogether and following a careful health diet. I had a 2 month period off work in which I attempted to do the same. I stopped using any cortisone for the first time in over 30 years. My skin exploded into a fiery red itchy state. I consulted a dermatologist at the time whose opinion I respected. He recommended oatmeal powder baths as a natural option (to cortisone) to soothe and relieve the symptoms. He believed I would always have a certain level of eczema, as I was ‘prone to it’ but that its severity may reduce once I’d weaned my skin off cortisone.

The oatmeal baths did work in a small degree to cool down the inflammation but day by day the severity and extent of the burning rash worsened. Upon trying to explain this (and my distress) to him I received the condescending response that I must not have followed his instructions closely enough and that I was probably just unable to handle the challenge I was attempting. This lack of support distressed me even further to the point were my sister insisted I visit the hospital immediately to get emergency relief. This resulted in yet another (stronger) dose of prednisolone tablets that successfully cleared the inflammation and eczema. However I was left at the same place I’d started with an eczema condition that required regular use of prednisolone tablets and continual cortisone ointment in between. The fragility of my skin was becoming more obvious and more and more debilitating. It suffered immediately from any sun exposure and not only bruised under the skin but actually broke now and bled from the mildest bump.

But this initial attempt had not dampened my determination to discover a natural path to a cure. My next opportunity came at the start of the following year (2008) when I managed to arrange up to 6 months off work with the help of a sympathetic doctor. Again I stopped cortisone altogether and again my skin exploded in a burning itchy rash that spread over 90% of my body. It was intense and furious causing my skin to burn red and itch simultaneously and then peel off in layers. This cycle then repeated itself time and again but with increasing intensity. Although this reaction was anticipated this time it was no less distressing. But I persevered knowing I had the benefit of free time and also the physical support of my sister to run errands for me, as I could not go outside without a thick sheet covering me.

My psyche was strong as I believed (as in the website story) that my skin’s reaction was part of a process of exorcising the cortisone from my system.

However after 5 weeks of sleeping up to 16 hours a day just to cope with the extreme discomfort and still seeing no improvement I was beginning to despair.

Then an extraordinary alignment of events bought me in contact with the Practitioner at the Psoriasis clinic in Murwillumbah. I had walked past this clinic in the street and glanced over its ads in the local paper for years (as by now I had tried every type of treatment that I’d known to exist). But a very close friend whom I trusted greatly had been very impressed by the newspaper ad and convinced me to give it a try.

I was, nonetheless, very cynical on my first visit to his clinic expecting him to recoil from the severity of my condition. He looked at my sad tragic state and without hesitation told me that he would reduce the red inflammation to a mild pink within 14 days and then eradicate the entire thing within 6 weeks using only natural products.

I burst into a flood of tears – it felt like I was being offered a miracle.

Upon taking his cream home and using it for 3 days the hot red swelling on my face soothed to a milder calmer pink. I was ecstatic – it was a moment of revelation – the miracle was manifesting.

Using an effective, entirely natural, anti-inflammatory was a dream that I had long since given up.

From this point I persevered with the Practitioner as he tested for all possible allergies and adjusted the mix of ointments for me. The eczema that covered my entire body now started to recede – slowly – from the face and midriff and out to the limbs.

Today I live ECZEMA AND ITCH free. I can hardly recall the constant stress of fighting the intense urge to scratch whilst continually protecting my skin (which is supposed to be protecting me). This is not to say that I do not still get eczema but now it is something I am controlling (rather than it controlling me). I now know the causes for my outbreaks and how to manage them.

Not only that – but the condition of my skin has improved dramatically. Within weeks of not using cortisone its “thinness” began to lessen and its strength and health to improve. I was thrilled to see that it did not appear to bruise and break as easily as it had and I tested it with vigorous scratching to find that red welts no longer appeared!!.

My skin is now visibly different to how it looked over the last 8 years or so and I believe it is still repairing – a year after ending cortisone.

I hope that this article reaches others who still suffer from this cruel condition and I hope it will give them hope that recovery IS possible just as I was inspired to begin this path by someone who posted her story for others to read.


J.M. Queensland, Australia

“Hi Miracle Man, Every doctor, clinic doctor and cosmetic surgeon that I have seen about my Melasma told me garbage. Some gave me useless creams, others told me I was stuck with my problem for life. I eventually scoured the web and all the information there was equally disappointing.Your promise that I would see results with your cream in one month seemed too good to be true. I am delighted to say that your treatment/cream was spot on!
After two months my Melasma is 70% gone and continues to improve. No doubt it has been a challenging road for you to develop a treatment for this condition which many in your profession say is untreatable.I want to thank you for creating this cream and would be more than happy to put my name as a testimonial should you wish me to. I am over the moon with my improvement”.


Dr. B. J. Hungary

“I am writing to express my gratitude about your ointment which has been invented (imported) recently.I have been using your products for my psoriasis problems since August 2002. I have suffered from this illness for ten years, since I was 49 years old. This treatment was a miracle as within a few weeks the cure has been 100%.I would like to say a big thank you from such a big distance for this as I have always thought that nothing can cure my illness any more”.


S.S., Budapest , Hungary

“No More Need for a Veil. Oh Yes! I am in remission! So What? Do you ask?Really, many people go into remission, others do not.But why is my remission special? Because….. after 23 years of continuing and worsening suffering, I am finally in remission for the first time.

I am a psoriasis sufferer. During the last 22 years I have tried everything without success. In consequence of various conservative-type treatments, the psoriasis became more and more serious. As a by-effect of the steroids administered to me, with no limits set, arthralgia and deformation set in, along with serious limitations of movement, which made the use of a walking support frame necessary and three years ago led to my disability status. Not to speak of the mental difficulties. Because my skin deformations, of course, can be noticed, social contacts and partnership relationships became difficult and disturbed and limits entertainment visits and last but not least, influenced my daily work.

And then, when I had nothing to hope for any more, by the grace of fate I met an Australian Research Doctor, Dr. Michael Tirant, who encouraged me to participate in his treatment protocols in Australia. He promised to try everything in his power to reduce my symptoms.

Very well, I thought….but how to get to Australia? My income over the last 20 years was spent on various medications.

A colleague of mine suggested to visit a foundation called “Extraordinary Medication Foundation by OKGT support. I did this and took my Doctors certificate and the recommendation from my Skin Specialist to them…..and see wonders of wonders, the foundation approved my treatment in Australia.

For three long months I maintained external treatments using cleansing gels, ointments and hydration essences together with the internal taking of herbal capsules and tablets, supplemented by a strict diet and supported on a mental level. And look at the results. It is truly a wonder! I can walk without using any support or stick. My skin is nearly faultless. My general condition is radient. I see the marvels of the world again. I am FREE! I am HEALTHY! Is it not a true wonder?

I thank the foundation for assisting me to go on this healing journey! I thank all my colleagues and friends, who assisted me. I thank Dr. Tirant for the healing work he did on me and I also mention myself too. Dr Tirant showed me how to activate the healing force sleeping within me. I was able to recreate this balanced state and HEALTH”

Atopic Eczema 10 Weeks