Welcome to Michael Tirant Dermaceuticals

Michael Tirant Dermaceuticals is a multi-faceted company that researches, develops, manufactures and markets effective products for Psoriasis, Eczema and other skin conditions.

Michael Tirant Dermaceuticals, through MT Manufacturing is committed to developing innovative products that are safe but more importantly, products and treatment protocols that REALLY WORK.

Tirant Good Skin Clinic specialises in the practice of Complementary Dermatology and uses Dr. Michael Tirant’s highly acclaimed Treatment Protocols and his range of specialised, synergistically formulated, products in a clinical setting, assisting hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide

Our aim is to empower people across the world to take control of their skin condition and improve their quality of life through Tirant Dermaceuticlas.

MT Distribution, through Tirsel Pty. Ltd. markets our products in Australia and worldwide via a number of partnered independent distributors.

Our veterinary product range is in the early stages of distribution and initial studies in the treatment of dogs, horses and wombats are achieving excellent results.

The Tirant Foundation of Integrative Dermatology is as yet to be established and is currently in the developmental phase.

Our business ethics focuses on “People” first. We pride ourselves in providing and excellent service and a good experience for our patients and customers alike. We are committed to treating our customers, partners and our staff with gratitude, dignity, compassion and integrity.


We promise you a most pleasant experience with our products and treatment protocols at Michael Tirant Dermaceuticals.